Builders' Circle Blog: Is that Santa Up on the Roof?

No Santa, no red suit, no “Ho, Ho Ho”…in fact there is almost no sound at all on this roof. The color up there is a yellowish brown and is the gift that keeps on giving year-round. What’s “up on the roof top”, you ask? It is open cell spray foam, found on the under-side ... Read More

Builders' Circle Blog: Do People Dream in Color?

It is an old question, but it seems Yahoo has figured it out. In a 2012 Yahoo study it was discovered that Americans today dream of a “Green” home. They found that 81% of Americans want to own a home and 50% of them want it to be “Green.” The second favorite “dream” was a ... Read More

CEO Blog: Build With Christmas Inspiration

It was my eleventh opportunity to be blessed by spending an evening with HBA members and friends at the association's annual Christmas party and banquet. Each year is special in its own way, and I'm always so touched by the bonds and friendships that form, and by our chance annually to share in each other's ... Read More

Builders Circle Blog: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

We all have things we would rather not think about. Three that come to mind are taxes, dental appointments, and Crawl Spaces. Even though we may not like to think about any of these, the last two are definitely in the “do not like to go there” category. Are you surprised to find Crawl Space ... Read More

Builders Circle Blog: How to Save $6 and Build a Better House!

Building green is about building better. It involves selecting the best of renewable resources, energy efficiency, conservation, sustainability…and simplicity. The biggest enemy of accomplishing these is habit. “The way we always do it” is hardly ever changed because “that’s the way we’ve always done it”. But in the first HBA Habitat Green Verified house it ... Read More

Builders Circle: The Framing Begins - Photos

Framing was the order of the week at the HBA of Greater Springfield / Habitat for Humanity Builders' Circle Project this week. Below, find photos of the efforts of members of the HBA Board of Directors and Remodelors Council. Matt Bailey, Galin Campbell, Adrian Rhodes, Kevin Clingan, John Harp, Jared Carr, Jaredd King, Kevin Pridemore, ... Read More

CEO Blog: The Huge "Win" You May Never Notice

We all have our guilty pleasures, and one of mine is disaster movies. Armageddon. Deep Impact. 2012. Independence Day (okay, one of my other guilty pleasures is movies about invading space monkeys). A recurring theme in disaster movies is the “narrowly-averted-catastrophe-that-no-one-saw-coming.” By the heroic, just-in-time actions of a few brave (and usually stunningly attractive) Hollywood ... Read More

Builders Circle: Foundations and More!

Wow, what a week it has been.  From 6:00am Monday morning getting ready to pour all the footings to applying dampproofing on Friday morning, we have made some progress.  In addition to these photos from this week, more jobsite pictures can be viewed on the project's Facebook page. A special THANK YOU to these great ... Read More

Big Changes for Missouri Workers Compensation

Guest Column from Randall Gammill, MBA, SPHR Certified Work Comp Advisor Connell Insurance Re-printed with Permission from Michaelcoan.com On July 1st Missouri joined nearly 3 dozen other states that have adopted a new formula for the workers’ compensation experience modifier. As most employers already know, the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) collects payroll, job ... Read More

National Issues Weigh Heavy Locally

Last week (May 17-20) the National Association of Home Builders held its annual spring board of directors meetings in Washington, DC. Among the members of the NAHB board are HBA of Greater Springfield past presidents Sam Bradley, Brett Godfrey and Rusty MacLachlan. Following is a "quick hits" summary of some of the most pressing current ... Read More

Bailey to Host Breakfasts This Week and Next

HBA of Greater Springfield President Matt Bailey announced this week that he will host informal "rap session"-style breakfast gatherings in the weeks ahead with HBA members to gather feedback and input on association priorities. Breakfast is provided free of charge, but reservations are required, due to limited space availability. "There is nothing that is more ... Read More

Bailey Blog: What does it mean to “Engage?”

Member engagement. What does that mean to me or my company? It is a fair question that many HBA members may be asking themselves about Tuesday’s special general membership meeting (Member Engagement Mixer). Let me try to explain this from my point of view. You see, my father had always been active in the HBA ... Read More